Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions of Transfer Booking with Gdansk Transfer


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NIP: 583-130-52-59 Nr tel: +48 533-533-033; +48 507-754-293

Booking made by clients is identical with the fact that you read and accepted the Regulations provided below:

There are three methods of booking:

-online booking on our Bookings page


-booking over the phone

Just select the method you like best.

Booking can be made no later than one hour before planned trip and must be confirmed by our Office. It is a conddition necessary to provide the services.

Departure time from the  accommodation: hotels or a similar establishment is always individually adjusted with every client. Departure to the airport is 2 hours before scheduled flight .

Every passenger can carry personal luggage and hand luggage. Larger amount of luggage can be carried extra paid on the condition that car driver exresses his consent and the luggage causes no risk to other passengers nor destruction to the vehicle.

Children up to 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Young passengers aged 13-18 can travel independently, however ,they should possess a written authorization letter issued by a parent or an adult guardian.

The youngest children must be seated in baby/booster seats properly adjusted to their age and height therefore passengers have an option to use their own booster seats or rent them from the company upon prior notification about this requirement – this service is free of charge .

A passenger as soon as he/she lands and passes through the customs clearance process is obliged immediately to go to the arrival lounge and contact the driver waiting for him with an individual name card. In case of a delayed flight which is an act of god , client is obliged to inform the office about the event. Otherwise, the driver waiting in the airport ends the services after 40 minutes and departs from the airport hall.

In case of any problems, passenger is obliged to contact the customer service office , 24 hr line +48 533 533 033.

In case of the lack of telephone call made by the client, later customer complains shall not be taken into account.

Gdansk Transfer accidence insurance covers all passengers for the transfer time. The carrier is not responsible for any claims made out of the motor vehicle or luggage.

Gdansk Transfer shall not be liable for any damages or delays which result from wrong or misleading information or inaccurate information about the flight details (arrival/departure) , distruption in road traffic, roadside inspection or poor weather conditions.

As soon as the payment ihas been accounted for , the client shall recive the booking confirmation by mail which can be made no later than two hours before the planned transfer. Any booking made later do require telephone acceptance.

Payment methods:

– bank transfer – via Paypal

  • credit card or cash paid with the driver.

  • Corporate customers can pay after the service.

  • In case of bank transfer the confirmation should be delivered no later than 1 working day before the scheduled service.

  • Paypal payment is acceptable with internet booking.

  • All bookings should be confirmed over the phone by Gdansk Transfer.

  • In case of Paypal payment without booking confirmation and there is no possibility to provide the services as booked. The carrier will deduct 10 % transaction fee.

  • Customer has the right to withdraw from the transfer booked no later than one hour before the agreed transfer time.

  • In case of the withdraw made less than one hour before the scheduled time, customer has no right of refund.

  • A driver is obliged to wait for the customer up to 15 minutes after the agreed time. In case the customers does not appera in person it means the resignation from the services.

  • In such a case, the customer is not entitled to the refund.

  • Each wrong or misleading information regarding the return transfer details ( hour, date) or the lack of notice about the change of the return transfer brings to immediate transfer resignation .

  • In this case, customer has no right to the refund. A new sending a driver to pick up the customer is associated with calculating of extra payment in accordance with the tarriff.

  • All complains must be provided to the driver during the transfer or just after the end of the transfer. Any late complains shall not be acceptable.

  • All personal data are protected by the carrier in accordance with applicable law. Customer has right to inspect. correct or delete his/her personal data held by Gdansk Transfer.